WI Garage Door LLC Introduces New Smart Garage Door Opener


Howard, Wisconsin, August 4, 2022 – WI Garage Door LLC is proud to announce the addition of a new garage door opener to its line of products. This new opener is designed to be more reliable, easier to install, and longer-lasting than any other opener on the market today. 

With a sleek design and easy-to-use interface, this product is sure to be a hit with homeowners across Howard or the nearby areas in Wisconsin.

This new product comes with many features that make it easier than ever before to open your garage door from anywhere in the world. The smart system can be programmed to automatically open whenever you are near your home, allowing you to pull into your driveway without having to manually open the door. It also has a feature that allows you to set up a timer so that your garage door will automatically close after you leave home for work or school each day. This ensures that your home is always protected while you’re away at work or school all day long!

The new LiftMaster opener means no more fumbling for keys or searching for the remote.

WI Garage Door LLC is helping its customers with an innovative new WiFi garage door opener. The company, which serves the Howard area, says customers can now use their smartphones to open and close the doors when they arrive home or while away. They will also be able to integrate other innovative home technology like voice assistant devices. The LiftMaster provides features like:

  • Touch-to-close technology
  • Secure Code rolling code technology
  • Anti-tamper protection

Smart Home Technology with Voice Assistant

WI Garage Door says their new opener can also be integrated with other smart home technology like voice assistant devices. There are many benefits to having this type of opener installed in your home, including:

  • Remotely opening and closing the garage doors from anywhere in the world
  • Adjust how far open or closed each door will open at any given time (for example, if there is a car parked too close).

Having the ability to monitor and control all of your garage doors from one location using an app on your phone or tablet device to check on the status of each door and ensure that they are operating properly Setting up a schedule for when each door will open and close, so you can program it in advance.

Garage Door Opener Installation in Wisconsin

WI Garage Door LLC is also pleased to announce the addition of LiftMaster garage door opener repair to its list of services. The company has been providing residential and commercial garage door opener installations in the state over the years, and it’s exciting to add more options for its clients.

“We’ve always known that there was a need for someone who could provide quality service at an affordable price,” said WI Garage Door LLC. “We’re thrilled to be able to offer this new service and bring you more options.”

Looking for garage door installation and repair service?

Are you living in Howard or the nearby areas in Wisconsin and looking for a reliable garage door service? Here at WI Garage Door LLC, we provide trusted services. We are committed to achieving customer satisfaction by offering high-quality work with repairs at competitive prices so that our customers can be happy with their purchase decision and experience when they entrust us to take care of any issue related arises during their lifetime.

We carry all the best and high-quality products from top garage door brands. Whether you’re looking for a new or replacement, we have everything to suit your needs! Contact us now!

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