NEW WEBSITE LAUNCH ANNOUNCEMENT – Bluestar Locksmith Launches updated website

Ambler, PA, October 31, 2022 – After all the hard work, dedication, and hours put into revamping the official company website. Bluestar Locksmith, together with Local Wiz Marketing are delighted to announce the launch of their updated website!

Our primary goal during the redesign process was to create a more valuable, user-centric and responsive resource across all platforms and devices. Specifically, we wanted to focus on making it easier for our users to learn and locate valuable information about our services for any type of lock and key solution they require. 

Overview: What did we change?

We have reorganized information into sections dedicated to service-type categories using design templates targeted to be aesthetically pleasing for our beloved users. 

A blog section is added to highlight and address commonly asked questions and concerns along with an information page to know more about locks, maintenance, and the different types of installations we provide to expand your industry knowledge.

We’ve incorporated company images into the website design to better display what our services are in the locksmith industry and make it easier for our users to navigate their options.

Lastly, we’ve compiled the locations we have served into separate pages for our users to check if Bluestar Locksmith is available in their area. Pretty neat, right?

“We are thrilled to launch the new website and strongly feel it will serve as a useful, informative portal for clients and community businesses to grasp a better understanding of Acendas and all that we can offer.” – Owner of Bluestar Locksmith

The purpose behind the new look and feel of the Bluestar website is to better provide innovative resources and information to clients, whether automotive, residential, commercial, or on-call 24-hour services. The website will highlight all of the tools and resources available at the click of a button and make it evident that Bluestar Locksmith is at the forefront of industry trends and locksmith services.

Check our new website out now!

“I feel that this new website for Bluestar Locksmith properly aligns with our company vision for growth and expansion in the future.” – Owner of Bluestar Locksmith

Any successful business will have a website that helps the company’s brand and image. It is one of the most valuable tools a company can have online, as it provides a medium to share services, products, and information about them with the public. An informative website will help you gain more customers and ultimately win more business than ever before. Our new website is more than just a pretty face with traffic, it’s also functional, and easy to navigate. By following these tips, Bluestar Locksmith, together with Local Wiz Marketing delivered an engaging and informative website for your new or current locksmith needs.

Keep up to date on our latest services, projects, and company announcements in our “our works” section that is soon to come.

We hope you enjoy our new look!

For any suggestions, questions, or comments please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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