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Trusted and professional garage door repair company, dedicated to serving the DeSoto, TX area. With years of industry experience, our team of skilled technicians is committed to delivering top-quality garage door repair and maintenance services. We take pride in our ability to provide reliable and efficient solutions for all your garage door needs, ensuring that your doors operate smoothly and safely.

Explore our comprehensive range of services tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our expert technicians are well-equipped to handle any garage door repair, addressing issues such as broken springs, cables, rollers, tracks, and hinges. Additionally, if you’re in need of garage door installation, whether for a replacement or new construction, our team offers professional services with a variety of high-quality doors in different styles and designs to suit your preferences.

We prioritize customer satisfaction and aim to exceed your expectations. Whether it’s diagnosing and repairing garage door opener issues promptly or conducting regular maintenance to keep your garage door in optimal condition, our dedicated team ensures precision and professionalism in every service. Contact us today for all your garage door repair, installation, and maintenance needs in DeSoto, TX, and experience the expertise of our team in providing reliable and efficient solutions.

Services Offered
Residential Garage DoorElevate the visual appeal and safety of your home through our comprehensive range of residential garage door solutions. Whether you’re looking to install a new door or need repairs for an existing one, our dedicated team is here to provide you with top-tier service. Our expertise encompasses everything from selecting the right door style that complements your home’s architecture, to ensuring flawless operation for years to come. With our residential garage door services, you can enjoy both aesthetic enhancement and reliable functionality, adding value and convenience to your living space.
Broken SpringsExperience a rapid and trustworthy solution for your broken garage door springs. Our proficient team specializes in promptly restoring the functionality and safety of your garage door. With our expert assistance, you can be assured of a smooth door operation that eliminates any potential hazards. Reach out to us now to benefit from our efficient broken spring repair services.
Garage Door RepairDiscover comprehensive garage door repair solutions tailored to your needs. Whether you’re dealing with minor issues or major malfunctions, our skilled team is equipped to address them all. From repairing misaligned tracks to fixing damaged panels, we ensure your garage door regains its optimal condition. Don’t let a malfunctioning door disrupt your routine – contact us today for reliable and effective repair services.
Garage Door OpenerElevate your convenience and security with our specialized garage door opener services. Whether you need a new opener installed, an existing one repaired, or regular maintenance to ensure smooth operation, we’ve got you covered. Our experts are well-versed in a variety of opener systems, ensuring hassle-free access to your garage. Experience the ease of automated door control – get in touch with us now.
New Garage DoorsTransform your property’s aesthetics and security with our new garage door installation services. We offer a diverse range of styles, designs, and materials to match your preferences. Enhance your curb appeal while adding an extra layer of protection to your space. Our skilled professionals guide you through the selection process and deliver a seamless installation that elevates the look and functionality of your property.
Commercial Garage DoorEfficiency is paramount in the business world, and our commercial garage door services are tailored to meet this demand. Whether you need to install sturdy and secure garage doors for your business premises or require swift repairs to minimize disruptions, our specialized solutions have you covered. We understand the unique needs of commercial establishments, and our team is well-equipped to handle installations, maintenance, and repairs with precision. Ensure that your business operations continue unhindered and secure with our reliable and prompt commercial garage door services.
Commercial Garage Door RepairEnsure uninterrupted business operations with our swift and reliable commercial garage door repair services. We understand the significance of a properly functioning garage door for your business’s productivity. Our experienced team swiftly addresses any issues, from damaged components to malfunctioning mechanisms, ensuring minimal disruptions. Count on us to maintain a productive environment by keeping your commercial garage door in optimal working condition.
Your garage door might be going about three-quarters of the way down and then reversing because of a common issue: the safety sensors could be obstructed. These sensors, situated at the bottom of the garage door, employ an infrared beam that spans horizontally across the entrance.
While the option of replacing just one spring might seem cost-effective, it’s recommended to replace both garage door springs when one breaks. Garage doors typically feature a pair of springs – left and right-wound – located on either side of the door. These springs collectively provide the necessary force to facilitate easy lifting of the door.
If your garage door noisy or emits loud sounds during its operation, particularly squeaks or grinding noises, the issue could stem from the rollers. Consider lubricating your garage door components, paying special attention to the rollers and all other movable parts, to mitigate the noise.
A garage door opener employing a chain drive utilizes a chain mechanism to operate the door’s opening and closing. This type of opener is suitable for a wide range of garage doors. The chain drive technology has a long history and can endure for many years when regular maintenance is performed.
You can achieve this by pulling the red cord linked to the garage door. This action will disconnect the automatic opener, allowing you to manually control the garage door. It’s important to note that this approach relies on the sensors being undamaged.
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