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Waterbury, CT, November 07, 2022 – The fireplace is one of the original and most popular uses for a chimney. It’s where we feel the most comfortable, and it helps us to relax after a hard day at work. For some homeowners, it’s also their primary source of heat in the winter months, so they’ll want to keep up with all the maintenance that goes into maintaining their chimney. And if you have issues and cracks in your fireplace then you’re going to need someone who specializes in this type of work. That’s why we recommend ADR Contracting.

If you have a chimney that’s not working


If your home has a chimney but it’s not working properly or not at all, ADR Contracting can help. A chimney is an essential part of every house, and it’s important to maintain yours so that you and your family can enjoy its benefits.

Chimneys are built to channel exhaust smoke from fireplaces or wood stoves away from your home. They also play an important role in regulating air flow through the structure. In addition to these practical effects on the functionality and comfort of your home, there are aesthetic benefits as well: having a properly functioning chimney will add beauty and charm to any space, whether it’s located inside or outside of your house.

Fortunately for homeowners everywhere—and especially those who value safety above all else—chimneys aren’t difficult for qualified contractors like the professional contractors at ADR Contracting, so if yours needs repair services then they’ll be happy to provide them at reasonable rates.

Your chimney can serve as more than just an exhaust for your furnace 

Some homeowners use their fireplace for the cozy effect of burning wood or even for the pleasant smell of burning incense. You might not be aware that your fireplace isn’t just a functional piece of home decor. You can use it for many things:

Heating your home

The chimney draws warm air from the room, allowing you to regulate heat by opening or closing doors and windows. This is especially important in cold weather when you want to keep everyone warm while saving on energy costs.This is the most basic use of the fireplace.

As an aroma source

For some people, the fireplace is all about the smell. Specifically, they love burning special woods that give off a distinct aroma. In fact, it’s not uncommon for people who have fireplaces to have an entire collection of woods that they use just to make their homes smell nice.

As a beautiful addition to your home’s decoration

Some people use the fireplace for decoration purposes, so if you’re looking to add a fire feature to your home décor, this is a great way to do it. Some even have no intention of using it, and probably don’t know how to use it either. They just want something pretty next to their coffee table. We understand why someone might do this—fireplaces are beautiful.

As a fire source

Many people also like to use their fireplace as a way of getting rid of unwanted items—you know, like old newspapers or other paper products that are piling up around the house. They just shove it in there like it’s an incinerator. Other people also like heating things and pretending they’re camping by making smores and burning marshmallows.

Well-maintained chimneys are an asset to any house

It’s important to keep up with regular maintenance of your chimney because any cracks or gaps in it will let cold air into your house and create drafts that sap your furnace’s energy. If you don’t clean and inspect your chimney annually, you’ll end up paying more for heating costs over time since the firebox is not performing at its optimal level.

Chimneys are an asset to any house. They’re the focal point of a roof line and can be used for much more than just heating. By contracting with ADR Contracting, you’ll have a chimney that’s safe and looking good for years to come.

At ADR Contracting, they work hard to craft high-quality chimneys that are built to last. They’re dedicated to keeping their customers happy with their workmanship and quality products—and it shows.

Consider ADR Contracting

As a leading home builder and contractor in the Connecticut area, ADR Contracting offers a range of services to ensure your chimney is properly repaired. They’ve been building homes for over 25 years and have worked on some of the most challenging projects imaginable. They offer other services like kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, concrete contractors, tile installation, patios and decks, backyard transformations, and walkways and stonewalls. 

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